Mini Tutorial On How To Use The Game Genie ROM On FCEUX

In this how-to tutorial I show how to use the Game Genie ROM using the FCEUX emulator. You need to be able to rename file extensions for this to work, you will have to find how to do that as I have forgotten, it’s on google for sure :).

Step 1: Locate the game genie rom (you have to find it yourself). Many ROM collections has it, including goodnes.

Step 2: If it is zipped (as it probably is) then you need to unpack it, you can choose to unpack it anywhere but in my video I chose to unpack it to the emulator folder, because why not?

Step 3: You need to move it to the root folder of the emulator.

Step 4: You need to rename it to gg.rom (this is the part where you need to be able to rename file extensions).

Step 5: Start the emulator, go to config, find Enable, then click on Game Genie ROM.

Step 6: Load any game and the Game Genie menu will appear, you can enter codes then press START to start the game with the codes.


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2 thoughts on “Mini Tutorial On How To Use The Game Genie ROM On FCEUX”

  1. Been working on a pacifist run game genie codes for SMB1. I found a code to have powerups kill mario "NNAIKE".
    I managed to make a code for coins killing mario which includes coin blocks (maybe the method can be better). Stomping on enemies kill mario.
    Lastly, trying to perfect hitting a block with an enemy ontop kills mario (currently got it working but it loops the death sound).

    You want to try to make these cheat codes yourself and see what you come up with?
    Here's my current codes, but feel free to use your method for these (plus I only tested it for a level or two)

    Coins kill mario




    Enemy Stomp kills mario




    Hit Block with enemy kills mario
    (this one will probably be scrapped)




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