Ok, so here we have our list of what we think are THE BEST books ever :). The best books that ever made us cry, laugh, fall in love, etc., etc., etc.

19390893  17848167  17558077  Hoover, C. - Hopeless  Hoover, C. - Losing Hope  Hoover, C. - FC  e&p  Forman, G. - IIS  Forman, G. - WSW  tls  Debartolo, T. - HTKARS  DeBartolo, T. - God-Shaped Hole  Otto, L - Lost and found  Otto, L - Lost and found 2  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00010]  NotTodayButSomeday_BW_210-2  Park, J. - FOL  Rowell, R. - Fangirl  Fifty Shades of Gray  E. L James - Fifty shades darker  E. L James - Fifty shades freed  McGuire, J. - BD  McGuire, J. - WD  McGuire, J. - ABW  2767052  7260188  6148028  121343 harry potter  20140207-234818.jpg  Williams, N. - Crash  Williams, N - Clash  Williams, N. - Crush

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