Most Disturbing Game Ever

This game tho disturbing, is amazing and is called Fran Bow. Full game is out on the 27th.


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Intel Quad core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60Ghz
Ram: 8gb DDR3/1600mhz
Video: Nividia GeForce GTX 760 2gb (single card)
HDD: 1 TB Sata-III
CrossHydro liquid cooling

Mother: Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Intel Z97 Chipset, ATX Mainboard, 4 Ram slots, 7.1 HD Audio, HDMI, GbLAN, USB 3.0, Sta-III, 1 Gen2, PCI 16

Case: Cooler Master310 mid-tower gaming case w/ side panel window (blue)
Keyboard & mouse: Devastator!

Capture device: Elgato HD Capture card


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35 thoughts on “Most Disturbing Game Ever”

  1. I just realized a dirty joke it may be in a scary mood but when she says I hear mom screaming…I won’t continue 😂😂

  2. Fan therory,

    Fran Bow was a young jewish girl in 1944, her parents were dicovered by the Nazis after they went into hiding and they were brutally murdered infront of her. Because of this, she suffers from scitsefrenia (thats why she sees the dark creatures) and has been put in aswald mental hospital in the middle of nowwhere so she doesn't get found by them and killed aswell. The man who is hurting us/operating (the doctor) is Megengler (the Nazi doctor) and he was undercover to see if he could find anything out about the british during the war.

    (Let me know what ypu guys think and if this could be correct or if you think this is wrong.)

  3. I just wanna say, i love these Fran Bow video's of you so much, I've watched them all at least 6 times, it's just so good! Most youtubers stop the game every 10 seconds to talk about their merch, to make jokes and all that cringey stuff. But here, it's nice and fast, it's fun with your comments every now and then, and it's just awesome, thank you! 😀

  4. anybody notice that this game is old
    12:11 at the bottom of the
    document it says 1944
    literally 80 bloody years ago 😮😮😮

  5. Ok so at 18:12 and for all the other patients, I think that this girl has been touched in certain places and the red hand marks on the doll represent where and also with the demon and there are red hand marks on the actual girl as well…..just a thought xx

  6. wow i already love this game it's just incredible and so messed up but being a huge horror fan its such an amazing work of art

  7. I've thought about how Fran Bow could be adapted into a sort of book series, and I wanted to have a go at a little bit of it. I've written a short passage which I attempted to 'translate' from the beginning up to 3:29 (if in a book, it'd likely be the prologue) – I tried to keep the tone yet also keep the accuracy, so some of the words I've written aren't in the narration of the game. (Read it slowly, like the pace of the game!)

    Everything's fine. It feels like heaven. I see my parents, and they look happy. They have a present for me. I wonder… It's a cat! So sweet and pretty, and dark as the deepest night. It's Mr. Midnight! My best friend…

    My only friend…

    We are having dinner, and I see Aunt Grace too. I really like her a lot. It's Friday, and my parents are going out. Aunt Grace takes good care of me. We are having so much fun!

    It's Monday night, and I'm playing with Mr. Midnight. But something feels real bad…

    A strange creature outside my window… It looks like a goat. I don't like it. It scares me.

    Suddenly I hear something. It's Mom! Screaming…

    I want to know what's wrong! A bright light shines from my parents' room…

    I go closer…

    And closer…

    A bloody knife.

    Mom? Dad?

    A bloody hand.

    Please don't…

    Mommy's head and hand aren't on her body…

    Mommy… Daddy…?

    Daddy doesn't have legs and his eye is on the floor…


    Mr. Midnight and I run out of the bloody house. I'm asleep on the floor in the forest. Mr. Midnight moves away from me.

    Legs stand by my side. People.

    They take me.


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