Mummert, Teresa – Perfect Lie

Perfect Lie

Teresa Mummert

4 stars

image“Sometimes love burns so hot in your veins that it consumes all rational thought”

A little about the characters…

First, we have Delilah, a.k.a “Lie”. Delilah is a girl who’s been through a lot of bullying from a lot of people, including her mother. So, she’s been depressed for a long time and has low self-esteem and she doesn’t trust easily (not at all actually), until she meets Brock, the guy who understands her, cares for her and makes her feel safe; the guy who wanted to save her but also save himself. She’s a girl with a lot of secrets, which she’s not ready to share but can’t hold them anymore either. I liked her. I think she was a great female character, she obviously had a lot of problems, so it was easy for me to understand why she was so sad all the time and felt so alone, and even so, I didn’t feel like she was whiny and annoying. She stood up for herself (sometimes) and the other times, I felt really bad for her, because even though there were people who clearly cared for her, she couldn’t see it or feel it, or more likely, she wouldn’t allow it. Not again.

So, I mentioned Brock. He clearly has some anger issues. He’s the boy who helped Lie for a while, he was the one who made her feel safe until everything went down. At first, I liked him, but couldn’t understand him completely. I felt like I didn’t actually know him, more like I knew of him, through her memories. But I just knew he loved her, in her memories you could see how much he cared for her, he wanted her to be safe and happy. But he completely shocked me. I wasn’t expecting anything that he did. I guess he really was troubled.

Then, we have Abel. He’s the jerk, dealer, asshole and sometimes sweet and funny guy. He gets under Delilah’s skin pretty easily but somehow always knows where to be so he can “catch” her. He was a complete mystery to me, sweet one second, a jerk the next. And if he really wanted it to.. He could be a real ass, but again, he always knew where to be and how to get Lie to be herself and face some truths she wouldn’t any other day. I liked him a lot, even when he was being mean, I felt he was doing it to help Lie or protect her.

About the story… Perfect Lie talks about lost, loneliness, truth and love. The story introduces you to Delilah, a girl who’s starting a new life, where she’s someone completely different from who she was before. Now she goes to parties and is kind of popular, not the “loser” she used to be. But the bullies still exist and the memories still haunt her. One day, she has nothing, then she has Brock, the guy who will become her love.. but then she has nothing again. Until she meets Abel. She knows he’s bad news, he’s hot and cold, sweet and mean, but he somehow knows Lie, he understands her and makes her feel completely unbalance but still, she finds some kind of safety in him.This is a infuriating but beautiful story. It shows you the life of a teenager who’s been bullied by people who should’ve loved her no matter what and the people who surrounded her every day. Right now, kids and teenagers don’t know how much words can hurt and how far they can carry a single person to. And everyone should have someone who’ll always be there to protect, love and support them. But it’s important to let them help. So, what happens when Lie finally finds that one person who truly cares for her? She feels safe and that’s all she wants. To feel safe and loved. But being safe doesn’t mean being helpless. I think she knew that, she wanted to fight her own battles, but 1) Someone was always fighting her battles, and 2) I don’t think she really knew how.

The story has an epic twist. I didn’t see it coming and wouldn’t have either in a million years. It was a great book, I really liked it. The writing was impecable and the pace was just perfect. You could understand everything from what was happening and Lie’s memories.

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