New ARMY MEN Base! New House, More BUGS! (Home Wars Gameplay New Base Part 1)

Home Wars Green Plastic Army Men Make New Base! (Home Wars Gameplay Part 1) Army Men Battle Simulator Campaign Gameplay

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50 thoughts on “New ARMY MEN Base! New House, More BUGS! (Home Wars Gameplay New Base Part 1)”

  1. Big thing with the market I'm realizing far too late~ but, I'll post this for other non-reading individuals like me anyway. The buying price is 3x the selling price, sensibly enough and the market window does note the 200% increase. I wondered about all of that and it always bugged me when baron would close a deal with value greater than say… the smallest price for refined material.

  2. Holy moly the dynamite is so loud. My volume was on full because my headphones are busted up and I couldn't really hear Baron, and, whenever you threw the dynamite, my ears exploded.

  3. You played on The bridge before, then got your ass handed to you, you Commie-ass-good-for-nuthin'-Nam-hating-sissy-ass-tree-huggin'-hippie,

  4. It's just my two cents, but I've played a whole crap ton of strategy games over my many years as a gamer. The #1 rule of mine is to establish an extremely reliable source of resources. I bet that if you focus your starter resources on your factories, you can keep a steady stream of, not just troops in general, but extremely powerful troops coming in.

    Haven't played this game yet, but it looks like if you would have sacrificed flags for time building factories, its possible that you could have made a formidable force in the early stages of the game.

    Hope I could have been of some help 😁

  5. how comes when you place down your first plastic factory you got 60 xp when that does not happend for me? pls help baron

  6. can anyone explain me how he gets + 60 exp income every round after he build the first plastik factory? doesnt work for me that way


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