RAISE YOUR OWN PET SPIDER! 🕷️ | Animal Planet's Real Scary Spiders

Real Scary Spiders is a game where you raise and take care of your own furry little spider friends. In this Part 1 we’ll get 3 new species of spider to look after / be terrified by.

DO NOT WATCH IF ARACHNOPHOBIC!! | Animal Planet’s Real Scary Spiders

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Want to own a scary pet?
Now you can with Real Scary Spiders! Come face-to-face with realistic spiders, amazing graphics that are not for the faint-hearted. Grow and nurture your spider – feed it live squishy insects so it grows up big and fearsome. Get hands-on by teaching your spider new tricks. Care for your spider to keep it healthy and happy.
Take your spider out into the real world and amaze your friends using our Augmented Reality camera on your device. Collect all exotic species of spider – Including Rio Grande Gold, Mexican Fireleg, Cobalt Blue and many more surprises to discover. Learn facts about each spider so you can look after them in the best way. Take amazing pictures of your spider in Augmented Reality and instantly share them with your friends.

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43 thoughts on “RAISE YOUR OWN PET SPIDER! 🕷️ | Animal Planet's Real Scary Spiders”

  1. it would have been absolutely awesome if you would have given them their scientific names xD just got an apk for it and i will do that xD can't wait to hopefully get a Psalmopoeus cambridgei (i got one of those a week or so ago… still a tiny sling maybe the size of your thumbs fingernail… from this years eggsack. she is absolutely adorable.

  2. I have four real tarantulas as pets,so low maintenance and easy care. This would be a waste of time for me. Easy to feed too.

  3. I really don't like spiders, but I really like BIS' commentary…
    As long as I just listen and don't look it might be okay.

  4. I can't wait to see more of this game as I used to own this game !
    It was on android btw
    They need antention every day
    Or they "suffer painfully".
    The guilt would get to me
    But then I realised they are litterally just coded bugs
    This comment is too long
    Or is it?
    Yeah it is…

  5. this is a great idea for those that cant have spiders for real as pets. haha.  I'm in it for watching more of these, BIS. 🙂


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