Rampage: Total Destruction (PS2 Gameplay)

Rampage: Total Destruction (PS2) – Monster: George – City: Las Vegas

Rampage: Total Destruction, as with previous games in the series, has players destroying the environment to earn points. Other actions are available in addition to destroying buildings; people can be eaten and players can also throw vehicles to cause more damage. New to the series is the ability to climb on the front of a building to destroy it. Hidden in each city are tokens which, when eaten, will unlock new characters and special abilities. Playing well fills a character’s special meter which can be used to utilize special abilities such as Rampage mode or the Roar power.
Total Destruction features four game modes. The first is a campaign in which players work to progressively take out cities around the world. King of the City and King of the World are competitive modes where up to four players compete. In King of the City, players strive to rule a city by dominating the most districts. King of the World is a series of King of the City competitions across various cities. The fourth mode is a time trial where players Marco and Natalie as with George and Ruby and Curtis and Lizzie from Rampage 2: Universal Tour.

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  1. Ok first of all I thought for sure there are 40 monsters in this wii game system when I played it. But this? I thought is 40.

  2. God, my brother and I used to play this game so much….it brings a lot of memories back seeing this, thank you

  3. Al final nos vendieron humo en la peli porque de jorge no era blanco ni era un mono era un pibe y además faltaron como 3 mas pero seguro los ponen si hay secuela

  4. Who else typed something like “ps2 destroying buildings game” ? because they couldn’t find out the name

  5. Sub Surface Scattering on the board room characters was good but too much back lighting. At some angles you can see light shining through their heads


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