Riddles: That Sounds Dirty – PART 3 – Game Grumps VS

Get your mind out of the gutter.
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Game Grumps are:
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46 thoughts on “Riddles: That Sounds Dirty – PART 3 – Game Grumps VS”

  1. What makes me angry about the Australia gold one is that there already is a country names after the name of silver in the periodic table, Argentina

  2. I didn’t know where I remembered the leek on the ship joke from but then it hit me….IT WAS IN CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2

  3. Obi wan was the master of the low ground so he made Anakin Skywalker think he could get him by getting the high ground he never stood a chance

  4. After a train crashed every single person died who survived?
    At first I said I dunno the train.
    Then I though the conductor must be a robot,
    but I'm really tired. Lol

  5. Arin: a train crashes and every single person dies who survived?

    Dan: everyone not on the train

    Well yes but actually no

  6. "Green Glass Doors."

    Only certain things can pass through the doors, books can go through but pages cannot. Guitars can't go through but basses can. You can't bring colours through, but you can bring yellow through. What can and cannot go through these Green Glass Doors?

  7. I got the one about bread, even though the royalty etc confused me… I don't think it was about bread rising in the oven, as the boys thought. When you make bread, you let the dough rise under a cloth. Then you knead the dough, and… I guess cover it again before baking it? Anyway, it goes something like that, but that one's hard to guess if you haven't baked much.

  8. "A masculine figure leaves women quaking for when he plays video games he's always winning."
    He's the video game boy. He's the one who wins.

  9. My Answer:
    1. Rooster's don't lay eggs
    2. ??? – Tears
    3. Arin Hanson
    4. Wrong
    5. No one – The couples
    6. Nothing
    What's black and white and red all over? A Sun Burnt Zebra
    7. Secret – Promise
    Space – Yo Momma
    8. A compass – ur finger
    9. Ag__ – Agstralia
    10. – Tree
    11. Button –
    12. Pimple??? – Making bread
    13. ??? – Butter Churn
    24. A Clock
    25. Footsteps
    26. Water
    27. ??? – Leek

  10. 11:14
    My poem personifying making a cake makes more sense than that, and also has allusion to royalty.
    (It's a king cake.)

  11. I gotta say honestly, while the yo momma one for example was funny, I like the serious riddles way more than the silly ones. In the previous videos it just felt really relaxing and I really tried to solve the riddles (even tho I never did) but in this one I ended up just kinda not trying after a bit. I guess it's our fault.

  12. Dan: "Whats the worst kind of vegetable to have on a ship?"

    Me: "The kind that can't swim."

    (I'm going to hell)

  13. 1:left (fuk)
    2: stunned
    5:the people who aren't single
    6: kindness? Lol
    8:compass (oh shit,we thought)
    9:a museum
    11:my aunt
    12:that flower thing in tangled
    13: pregnant

    Well then

  14. i totally knew the answer to that moon one was gonna be "your mom" or something to that effect


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