Ruining FNaF by Dissecting the Animatronics' AI | Tech Rules

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48 thoughts on “Ruining FNaF by Dissecting the Animatronics' AI | Tech Rules”

  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for waiting so patiently for a new video! This was a bit of a nightmare to make; not because of the content, but simply because of circumstances around the time that were outside of my control. Speaking of which, this was recorded shortly after the usual recording area went under construction, so I had to make do with what I had. It's definitely some of the roughest audio I've produced, (not to mention I'm pretty sure the excess static in the video did something funky with the bitrate) but I tried my best to make it as clear and enjoyable as possible. Hopefully I did okay! This video's also very numbers-intensive, so I tried to have a little more fun with it than usual.

    Also, real quick since I feel like somebody is going to bring it up: There is NO evidence that Five Nights at Freddy's has ever had anti-piracy. There's nothing related to it in the game's exe, and a bait torrent (like Game Dev Tycoon) has never been found. My best guess is that it was a rumor that someone just decided to make up that got further spread through Top 10 YouTubers. Take any claims otherwise with a grain of salt. Jumpscaring the player as an anti-piracy measure seems very silly for a horror game, anyway…

  2. Just some notes, I know this is waaaaay too late to get noticed, but whatever.
    1. I think it's actually 5% increase on the Foxy slam
    2. Freddy actually does backtrack! I don't know why, or how, but from gameplay experience, he actually does go back to the previous camera if you stop him enough! The first time it happened, I got really scared, because I thought I'm dead, but no.(You even say this in a later part in the vid, when Freddy fails to yeet into your office, he goes back to the hall, not the corner)
    3. I've never heard the hole in the wall theory, seems kinda funny.
    4. 4/19 would probably be harder than 4/20, because all of the RNG aspect is removed, so 4/20 is kind of a piece of cake after watching this video, and 4/19 is still to some degree random.
    Cool video overall, thanks for making it!

  3. wait, so on night 1 you don't have to do anything until 2am, then just check on bonnie every 5 seconds until 3am, at which point you have to actually play the game?

  4. 0.00001 Percent is Literally a 1 In 100,000 Chance.
    0.01 (What People say is the correct Percentage.) is a 1 In 100 Chance.

  5. I got the Golden Freddy screen after Freddy jumpscared me and I didn’t even know cause I didn’t know anything about FNaF and I was very young lol!!!

  6. He’s right. One of my friends claimed this in 2014, I calmed him stupid, and we played four like four, five hours until I proved him wrong

  7. Here’s a little fun thing i did because i was dumb and didn’t know i did it until later. At 3 am of the first night, close the game. Do this about 4- 5…. times? And you’ll have freddy active on first night, along with other weird things happening too.

  8. 9:10 sure thing, by the time freddy laughed, that meant he already got in and the jumpscare was about to trigger, you doesn't go in at the time time as his jumpscare

  9. I have heard the Freddy goes through the hole in the wall theory. I think it was from a random youtube video but I can't remember which one. You are not crazy! Either that, or we're both crazy.


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