Running Jokes Compilation – Game Grumps

NEW DISCORD for Lovelies to chat and hang out!: As expected, there have many people asking where their favorite running joke is in this compilation. The Grumps have had many running jokes and I couldn’t have included all of them in this one video. If you have a request please reply to my pinned comment. Thank you Lovelies! (:

CRABS 0:19
Mycaruba 3:48
Wolfjob 8:04
Racist Bassist & Bummer Drummer 13:50
Big Zam 17:56
Spinnakers 23:13
Burgie 28:15
Do it 33:03
Raptor Pro Tip 40:49
Macho Madness 43:40
Cranberries 46:03
I Won the Money! 49:03
Yoda Jokes 50:41
Whap Goblin 56:05
I’m Gonna Pre/Complete 1:04:36
Infinidagger/Hello 1:12:02
Ivan 1:21:09
Looks Like You Have a Baby Penis 1:43:03
Thomas the 18th Century Boy 1:47:15
Coughin’ Kammy Koopa 1:49:33
Grubba 1:59:30
My Pussy 2:07:01
You Must Die! 2:09:37
Oh… Koops… 2:12:39
Consume Prilosec 2:16:01
Friend Arin 2:19:26
Friend Dog 2:21:11
Take the Shot 2:24:45
Friend Monika 2:27:20
How’s It Going, Dude? 2:43:39
Can’t Get Enough of That Sugar Crisp 2:47:33
A Couple of Cards 2:55:09
I’m the Video Game Boy! I’m the One Who Wins! 2:56:04
Just Don’t, Okay? 2:58:14

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49 thoughts on “Running Jokes Compilation – Game Grumps”

  1. As someone who can beat Big Zam consistently (boost up and over him to get behind. Big Zam can't turn around but Ziel can…as a special move command), I found that joke extra hilarious.

  2. Ive always wished they added another member to the racist bassist and bummer drummer squad

    Sexist saxist (ik its saxophonist but i think you can use saxist instead)

  3. arin's "my pussy" joke turns me on in ways i don't understand.. you may think i'm joking..

  4. I really love the idea that Ivan is crazy strong bad ass doesn’t care, basically a superhero. But he’s scared of birds, germs and has sensitive ears

  5. Completely unrelated but yesterday I sat on my grilled cheese, send help I'm having first world problems.

  6. ngl, I was a little upset that Wap God was never considered.

    Arin could have remixed Rap God so easily 😂
    I'm beginning to feel like a Wap God, Wap God.
    All my wappers from the front to the back wap, back wap.
    Now who thinks their arms are long enough to wap box, wap box?
    They say I wap like robot so call me Wap Bot, Wap Bot.

  7. I like to think that every time dan respawns in shovel knight he has amnesia and his first thought is always infinidagger

  8. It should have had the
    "Oh you don't have any manga why don't you borrow some from all the friends you have?"

  9. So considering most let's plays by them are recorded in far fewer and much longer sessions than the episodes themselves, I think most of these are just jokes they couldn't get over that day. Still funny, but also just a thought.


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