SERIES REVIEW: The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Series: The Infernal Devices
Author: Cassandra Clare
Laura’s rating: 5 stars


I’m very glad Daniela pushed me into reading The Infernal Devices series, particularly that she was willing to reread them with me so I could whine all I wanted. I enjoyed them so much, I laughed, I cried and I screamed.

So, I decided I’m going to review the 3 books in this post.

 Clockwork Angel

Tessa, she’s our heroine, she harbors a secret power, very unique and a total mystery. What’s not a mystery is that she’s wanted by the bad guys to end all Shadowhunters. This first book was not my favorite, mainly because she’s learning about this new world (that I already know everything about) and because she has to shed all this “Women can’t do this and that” attitude, this last tidbit made me almost hate her. BUT, we do have our marvelous parabatai duo Will and Jem **SIGH** getting to know their secrets and quirky personalities was my daily bread.

They all have secrets of their own, and I want to discover them all.

Clockwork Angel is the cornerstone of The Infernal Devices, the scenery and depth of all characters was beautiful, and don’t get me started on Victorian London.

Clockwork Prince

Finally, some romance!!! in the shape of a triangle ☹

Let’s talk Will, the more I read the more I know he’s not some dickhead, there is something here, something happened and I desperately want to know what, you get this glimpses of a passionate Will, sometimes tender and very good at writing love letters.

Then we have Jem, a gentleman, soft and kind. Daniela just couldn’t understand what my thing was with Jem, but I learned to love him first. all he said was a stab to my heart because at this point I knew he’s dying, and by the look of it, there’s nothing that can be done.

Then the shoe drops, we know what’s up with Will, and now I love him even more, for being so selfless. And Jem proposes to Tessa and she says yes. My heart cannot take this much heartache, because just like Tessa, I love them both.

Clockwork Princess

This is it. Jem is dying. And I can’t take it. specially for Will, he’s losing part of his soul. I cannot stress how emotional the description of having and losing a parabatai is, I felt it was 100 times more intense than in TMI.

I have not mentioned it, but the bad guys are winning, they took Tessa as a hostage, and Will has come to rescue her by himself (At Jem’s orders) it seems like everything is wrong, and then it gets worse. Will’s agony at feeling the lost of his parabatai is horrible, I cried like a baby.

Love is everywhere, in every single character and I enjoyed all the little plots, but obviously I’m basing my review in The Triangle.

Finally, Tessa comes clean and admits she’s in love with Will, it’s good, but I still had Jem’s death looming in my brain. Very bittersweet. But then, we learn Jem went into the brotherhood as a last resort to save himself, that’s it, he’s the most selfless guy in the world, to live eternity like some sort of statue, without emotions, no human contact, it was the worst for me.

Magnus gave us some hints, Tessa will live for eternity, and we get to see through her eyes Will’s death as an old man, and it’s as heart wrenching as you can imagine. Then she continues her life for hundreds of years, watching people grow and die, very lonely. But she keeps meeting Brother Zachariah once a year on the Blackfriars Bridge, until one day it’s Jem’s voice she hears calling her name.

**BONUS** – After the Bridge.

My heart is singing. Tessa and Jem are together and I can’t believe it. On this short story published on Cassandra’s Tmblr account we get to know how Jem cured his brotherhood decease, and what happens afterwards. It’s a bit phony and not very PG-13, but I was just very happy to see them together.

Link here: After the bridge

ALL IN ALL: This is a 5-star series and I highly recommend it.

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