Servin’ Up Some Book Sex

How do you like your sex?

I’m talking about in books, dirty people. Every book is different and every author approaches this topic differently.

I must admit, when it comes to sex in books, in a noob. Reading only YA and NA books for a looooong time, I used to find it very upsetting reading raunch-fest sex scenes. After cringing for years, I stumbled upon Abbi Glines’ Fallen Too Far and fell in LOVE with Rush Finlay and his magnificently dirty mouth. Of course this prepped me for hottest mega billionaire we all love (except Daniela haha), Christian Grey, swooon!

Now I’ve read my fair share of sexy books but for some reason, I end up hating them more than loving them. I think it takes a very special kind of author to make sex scenes less…awkward and more tasteful. I mean, I totally believe too much can be tooo muuch! Yea, sex happens. Just don’t let it take away from my story! (If it does, I will totally one star your ass!)

So again, how do you like your sex? Are you a “shove-that-smut-all-in-my-face” reader? Or maybe, like myself, love sex scenes that are done tastefully reader? Or, like my best book sister, an “I’ll-pass-on-all-that” reader?


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