Short Shorts ~ Wolfjob (Game Grumps & Jacksepticeye Fan Song)

A demon is on the loose in Ireland threatening it’s people. But fear not, the mighty Grumps and SepticEye will save us!.. Right?


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*Lyrics below*

This is a fan-made song to express how excited we are for the first ever event that has Game Grumps and Jacksepticeye doing what they do all under one roof on Irish soil. So what better way to celebrate than offer them a cuppa and play a tune?



Another murder in our country
The same style as before
We need hero’s of 3
To save us from more

Hey, he’s grump
The other’s not so grump
Their the game grumps.

Arin and Dan
Its like if Batman and Superman had kids
But in a totally friend way

Grumps, thank Sonic you made it
On a night that is moonlit
Cus that’s when the weird shit
Reaches it’s summit

Fret not, we’re hero’s of grand
The quest is safe in our hands
We recall a similar time over in Mappyland-

WOLF JOB, what?
WOLF JOB, hold up
Dan and Arin save us from the fuckin
He’s cumming through the night
He’s cumming for your life
Game Grumps save me

So let’s get this straight, the bit that Dan did years ago is now running around Ireland murdering people? Yes.

We’re gonna need help,
A guy who’s Irish as well,
And who’s sexy as hell
You know who I spell

Top of the mornin to ya laddies
What’s all the craic with these wolfy handies
Point me the way and I’m more than happy
Woop poodle ass and save me paddy’s

Sean, thank goodness your here
Its time our foe has appeared
Let’s end this sexual fear
And give Dublin the event of the year

WOLF JOB, they aim to end the blight
WOLF JOB, they battle for our lives
Michael Bay would die of jealousy
WOLF JOB, he doesn’t seem to budge
WOLF JOB, he’s grabbing for their junk

NO, not like this! We will best you monster – Dan exclaimed
You can’t reason with him Dan you’ll die! We do this together – laughed Sean and Arin
The hero’s knew what to do to seal away the beast
They grabbed their JO crystal’s and join forces beating their meat

WOLF JOB, he’s such an evil dude
WOLF JOB, interrupting their conclude
Barry put away that picture of
WOLF JOB, the crystals shine a light
WOLF JOB, they start to turn the fight
Do you guys want a hand? God dammit Ross
WOLF JOB, he’s brought down to a knee
WOLF JOB, a sign of victory
They’re gonna save us from the freaky
WOLF JOB, they stab it at the heart
WOLF JOB, the beastie breaks apart,
They fuckin saved us from the deadly wolf joooooob


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  1. Hey all ya'll beautiful people! As a heads up you can download 'Wolfjob' for FREE from the Soundcloud link in the description. Peace & Love <3

  2. this is so stupid and cringey…. and i fucking adore it so much…


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