Book review: Point of Retreat (Slammed #2) by Colleen Hoover

Point Of Retreat (Slammed #2)

Colleen Hoover

5 stars

Hoover, C. - POR

Oh I looooove this book so much!!!! I’ve read Point Of Retreat twice now and seriously.. I think it affected me even more this time than the first one.. I couldn’t stop reading (and crying at some points), even though I knew what was going to happen. The story is devastating at some points, but it was as beautiful.. I love how much in love Will and Lake are, it’s not something exaggerated or unrealistic. It’s butterflying BEAUTIFUL.

Point Of Retreat continues the story of Will and Layken, from Will’s POV. On this book, Will just captures you even more. He’s a wonderful character, so passionate and dedicated, you just have to love him. You get to see Will and Lake (finally) as a couple, how much they love each other, their little brothers and their friends. They’re all this little family, where everyone is there for the other, no matter what. I just loved that.

“My sweet.. is right now”

Of course, there’s going to be drama… Involving someone’s ex and some trust issues. The poems, the poems, THE POEMS! Will’s poems are… just… wow! Absolutely beautiful. Oh, oh.. And Caulder! Oh my god, his poem brought tears to my eyes. I ADORE THAT KID along with Kel. And Kiersten, she did an amazing job with that poem.

This book is beyond amazing, just as Slammed was.. It’s incredible how Colleen Hoover makes the character feel real in every single one of her books. And the boy’s POV? WOW, just wow…

“I love being with yo so bad
When we aren’t together, I miss you so bad
One of these days I’m going to marry you so bad
and it’ll be

Colleen Hoover, you are definitely a genius.. So, thank you. 🙂

PS: There should be more stars, because 5 is not enough.

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