tear-jerkers. love them or hate them?

Sometimes we’re in the mood for a tear-jerker. Yes, we like to read books that will make us cry (and when we say cry we mean ugly cry).

Why, you might ask?

Well, that’s easy. The moment a book makes us feel something so strong it makes us cry, we immediately catalogue it as an amazing book. Some people may not like them because they tend to be a bit too much at times. But you can’t deny that it evoked something in you. And that’s exactly what great books are supposed to do. And let’s get something straight, this is not an easy thing to accomplish, because an author only has his/her words to describe a situation and the emotions that go along with this or that moment. They’re left hoping the reader will understand and picture it the same way. And there are no guarantees about it.

So, a tear-jerker doesn’t happen just because a particular scene or the whole book is just sad. Yes, there are some situations that are completely sad, but it doesn’t mean it will get the tears out. No. Sometimes, the characters are so relatable and you get to know them in such a way that you create a bond, they’re no longer fictional characters, they’re a part of you, they’re almost real, so you end up feeling everything they feel and just one thought, one phrase will create a sob fest. Because when they are hurting, you are too; and when they are happy, you are too.

Of course, there are books that are just too much and you spend the whole thing (or one particular moment) crying like crazy. Oh, I love those too. But they have to be incredibly well thought and written so the person who’s reading it doesn’t feel like it’s too much to bare, too much to keep going on reading. It happens though, sometimes, people stop reading because they can’t take it anymore. People need breathers, breaks to get their (our) shit together and keep reading.

For example, there are books such as the Emi Lost & Found series, where in the first book you get to meet Nate Wilson, a romantic and passionate artist. He’s been in love with his best friend Emi for thirteen years. In our case, we fell in love with Nate. His way of forever loving Emi, his mother, his friends. How passionate he was about his art and music and life in general. We got to know him and we couldn’t help it. We fell in love with him. So, whenever he had a fight with his best friend, we were desperate for them to be ok again. And at the end, they always were. But life got in the way, so yeah, we had to face a major sob fest. And we hurt and cried for a long time (I speak for both Soreonne & me when I say, we still do.)

Another favorite tear-jerker is our beloved How To Kill A Rock Star. This book… wow! Here we have another awesome artist. He’s a singer, devoted to his music and Eliza. Paul’s an easy character to love. You can’t have it any other way. He’s funny, intense, passionate. He’s our  goddamn beloved. I’ve cried a lot with a few other books, but these particular two (Lost & Found and How To Kill a Rock Star) just broke our hearts. I think we both felt we lost a part of us when we were reading these books.

If you haven’t read it and you love a tear-jerker once in a while… These two are a must-read.

Yes, we love tear-jerkers. I think it’s easier to make us (readers) smile and even laugh than to make us cry, because not every sad situation will drive you to tears. When I read a book and it goes beyond just that, I mean like, I get to experience a book with all it’s emotions, I can’t help but feel some kind of calm and happiness, because I know I found a great book. And even when I’ve been crying so much my face is all splotchy, when I’m done and I get my happy ending… It’s like everything’s alright with the world again. I take a breath and smile.

Check out our list of our favorite tear-jerkers here 🙂

How do you feel about tear-jerkers? Love ’em or Hate ’em?


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