The disappearance of the most unique Horror game… where has 'Scorn' gone?

One of the weirdest and most unique upcoming horror game has disappeared from the map, but the game ‘Scorn’ is still in heavy development and is definitely coming out! Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry. Are you still excited for Scorn? Let me know in the comments below!
Scorn coming to Steam:

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21 thoughts on “The disappearance of the most unique Horror game… where has 'Scorn' gone?”

  1. It'd be nice if they actually gave us some kind of idea about the plot. Doesnt make me confident they have a good story to tell.

  2. If you love scorn the game is entirely based on Zdzislaw Beksiński and H.R Giger paintings and statues. I highly recommend to check out the paintings

    I really hope they stay true to there inspiration and have 0 storytelling or meaning.

  3. I just took a selfie of my self and my friend and there is a blue orb floating in the sky can anyone tell me what is it is it a glitch

  4. they said Routine would be released, but that never happend. Don't think this one will either. or maybe it it will, but it feels like it could go both ways at this point

  5. So, when does this game come out, there has to be a deadline, a lot of people invested money into it and I’m sure they would want a return on that investment soon not five, ten years from now, video games tend to fail regardless of how good the graphics are and/or they jump the shark when something better comes along, people will lose interest in games if they take too long to launch and then those investors will soon sue afterwards to get their money back, we’ve all seen this happen before and if this company isn’t careful it will happen to them; I’m not a lawyer but an observer whose seen companies tank hard when they play this kind of fuckery with customers and investors.


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