The Freddy Files – Full Walkthrough (Summary of FNAF 1-6 Story)

I’ve done the Chapter 1 & 2 in the demo version, so it might contains some different with the full game. The rest of the walkthrough is based on the full version. (Thumbnail artwork from the game page.)

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The Freddy Files
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Five Nights at Feddy’s 1, 2, 3, 4, SL, FFPS stories are all in this fangame!


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24 thoughts on “The Freddy Files – Full Walkthrough (Summary of FNAF 1-6 Story)”

  1. Five Nights at Freddy's story line summary.
    00:01 – Notes & intro
    01:47 – Chapter 1 (Golden & Shadow Freddy)
    09:23 – Chapter 2 (Shadow Crews)
    17:15 – Chapter 3 (Withered Bonnie)
    25:59 – Chapter 4 (Puppet)
    36:37 – Chapter 5 (tribute to FNAF 6)
    47:53 – Chapter 6
    53:03 – Final Shift (Full Gameplay)
    59:45 – Ending

  2. chapters (before night shift (my story way)
    (1:47) chapter 1 gold and dark :
    i was stuck inside of a restaurant in the dark, he was looking a way to enter a strange room, i was haunted by a floating yellow freddy head and a purple freddy, i got the stuff i needed to break that door, but that yellow bear was still after me, i finally open the do- wait, ARE THOSE THE DEAD CHILDREN, AND WHY THERE IS 4 WHEN I SAW 3, WHERE IS THE OTHER ONE???!!!
    (9:23)chap. 2: hide and seek with the souls of the children
    william kidnapped me nad put me into this…factory, i was trying to break the door while i was haunted… the souls of the children??!!!
    (11:30) chap. 2,25: vs shadow freddy/chris afton (or fritz)?
    i finally open, but i encounter a strange freddy, he stop attacking me, the 4th dead child..i found him…..
    (17:15)chap. 3: are you alone in there, buddy OL' pal
    i was working fazbear entertainment manufactures, but i heard a child with a mechanical scream, they told one of them was awoken, i never expected to be found by….wait, how does he sees me, he has no face, but those red eyes mark like he did see me
    (25:59)chap. 4: family reunion
    i got to fredbear's family diner (as the note told me), i passed through quizes that i had, and i met the puppet man….and it was my daughter…….
    (36:37)chap. 5: consider this a deathwish for you, mr. afton
    i was working in a little office trying to survive with the 4 animatronics lurking for me, i finish it, freddy saw me….but not like a threat….i think they trust me…………for now…..
    (47:53)chap. 6 the angel, the poor ones, and the demons ending
    (its all in the chapter so, don't tell me that i forgotted, he said it in this game and pizzeria simulator

  3. While the story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me (Henry forgetting about everything seems very unrealistic), I actually enjoyed the office phases. Even though it sounds silly for it to happen every 30 minutes, the gameplay looked interesting and the sounds weren’t super annoying like most games. They were loud but not annoying. I also think the pixelated models were a nice touch.


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