The NEW Knife Game Song!

“The NEW Knife Game Song” Original song by Rusty Cage.

The Knife Game Song or The Knife Song, Version Two. I added in two verses and played it on guitar as well, while doing the chorus playing Five Finger Fillet

I am Rusty Cage, a singer/songwriter, satirical comedian, and Ranter. Most people know me from my song “The Knife Game Song”, but I also make all kinds of other music and videos, from folk, blues, hip-hop, skits and more. Covers and originals. Visit my channel and give it a listen.


There’s an old tradition a game we all can play it starts by getting liquored up and sharpening your blade
You take a shot of whiskey and grab your knife and pray and you spread apart your fingers and this is what you say!

Oh I have all my fingers the knife goes chop chop chop and if I miss the spaces between my finger the blood will soon come out
But all the same I play the game cause that’s what it’s all about

No you can’t use a pencil you can’t use a pen the only way to is with a knife when danger is your friend
Some may call it stupid some may call it dumb
But all the same we play the game because it’s so damn fun
Oh I have all my fingers and the knife goes chop chop chop and if I miss the spaces between my fingers the blood will soon come out
Because that’s what it’s all about
Oh chop chop chop chop chop chop I’m picking up the speed and if you hit one of your fingers your hand will start to bleed


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44 thoughts on “The NEW Knife Game Song!”

  1. The hand at the end of the video is gorgeous, like: my finger chap chap chap!! After:
    My henddddddddddddddd

  2. I wanna see the bloopers of him cutting his fingers off and laughing it off like it didn't hurt or he's gonna miss his fingers ❤

  3. when i was in 3rd grade we used to play this game, nope not with safety scissors, no not with dull scissors we had like sharp scissors i was the fastest in doing that then once we are done we leaved dents on the wooden table and the teacher doesnt give a shit soooo we good.

  4. I do it with I sharp knife like him I did stab my finger at first but now I can do it really fast and when I sent a video of it to my friends they were like "HOW DID YOU GO THAT FAST!?" XD

  5. Song:you cant use a pencil. You cant use a pen
    Me:*uses a marker* Haha I beat the system but ends up hurting self nvm…


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