This Game Will Make You Rage!! Don't Stop Eighth Note App

I know, I know it’s been a long time. Like I said I still haven’t replace my lens yet. I am a poor college student so it’s hard to save money for an expensive lens. I am just asking to please be patience with the slow uploads. I have also been busy studying so it’s hard to keep up with every Friday uploads. Please forgive me and I hope you understand 🙂

Hey my name is Dan and I am so happy to be making videos again it just makes me so happy. I want to get to know other people and connect with them. I want to stay positive all the time even though it is hard, but keeping a smile makes others happy ^^ I am still learning how to work with my camera and audio so I am not really a pro at it. I will do my best to improve on it so I can make people happy.

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