To you *the authors*, from us *the readers*.

There are obviously a bunch of authors we’ve loved since the first page of a book.

When some one asks you -so, who’s your favourite author?-, what do you do? You answer right away with one name or a whole list of names?

I think we all probably think about it before we answer. Why? Because there’s no way we can name just one, there will always be at least two authors that have stayed with you and even changed your life or way of seeing things like no other. Or they’ve even helped you with some situation you were facing at the moment.

If you *authors* don’t know it… Well, I’m pretty sure a lot of you have helped a lot of people with your words. Either because they’re just going through a breakup, they lost someone… whatever. Your stories have the power *I know, this sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s true* to give hope, confidence or even just a smile. Sometimes just a smile is enough.

In my case, some stories, some characters and *obviously* some authors, have broken my heart into million pieces, but they have certainly put it back together again. They have made me feel thousands of feelings, experience hundreds of lives and go to so many places, I can’t be anything else other than grateful for that. Those are my favorite authors. The ones that make you sigh and swoon and cry and smile and laugh. The ones that keep you wanting more.

And you know? To me, there are some authors that are a bit more special because yeah, a lot of books are just beyond awesome, but there are a few that just stand out. Here’s why.

  1. Because their story is unbelievably amazing (and that’s an understatement). 
  2. Because their characters felt and still feel like family. You know, those character that you end up loving, as if they were real living people. (Yes, I said that)
  3. Because they take their time to know their reader. It’s nice (understatement) to know you take the time to read our reviews, to answer to our cries for help (because most of them are exactly that). And some of you have actually become friends to me and to a bunch of other readers.

Those are the first of many reasons why I love the authors I love. And yes, WE LOVE YOU. Haha, to some people it might seem weird that we say we absolutely loooooove this or that author. Because come on, we don’t know most of them. But, what those people don’t understand is that we kind of do. Yeah, we might not know them like you might know your best friend or neighbour or whatever. But in those stories, the authors are giving us pieces and pieces of them. Of what they believe, how they think and especially, what they love. They’re giving us something they love, so we can love it too. And even if you don’t end up loving or even liking the book, I think we should all remember that, don’t you think?


That is all.


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3 thoughts on “To you *the authors*, from us *the readers*.

  1. thebookdisciple

    Reblogged this on The Book Disciple and commented:
    THIS! I was telling a friend the other day meeting an author, talking to an author, to me, its like meeting Brad Pitt. Authors are my heroes! I am totally okay with being a #BookNerd! Daniela at Lost in a Book Blog explains my hero worship perfectly!


  2. thebookdisciple

    I reblogged this because its PERFECT! I was just telling a friend the other day that to me, authors are my heroes. Meeting them and talking to them is like meeting Brad Pitt in my world!


    1. lostinabookblog

      YESSSS! Haha thank you 🙂 author are our heroes too and they even more awesome because we actually have the opportunity to talk to them! That’s just awesome 🙂


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