Top 10 Video Game Spiders

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For this list, we’ll be looking at spiders that originate in video games, both friends and foes. And of course to keep it fair, we’re only allowing one spider per franchise.

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36 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Game Spiders”

  1. if Lucas the Spider got his own video game, he'd be included. of course if there is gonna be a Lucas the Spider video game it wouldn't be horror related but campy, fun, and a disguised treatment for Arachnophobia all wrapped up in the latest graphics of any game engine.

  2. Scientists Say that Tarantulas are not Spiders but I don't care They are still NIGHTMAREISH TERRIFYING DEMONS FROM THE DEEPEST DEPTHS OF HELL!

  3. I am still trying to find a game that came in N64 about a humanoid female spider attacking a city or so. Cant even find it.

  4. eh i woulda went with the twilight princess spider. squirting eggs and spitting fire/lava is a little more intense than just a skull face

  5. My top 4
    Black tiger (scary)
    Spider that Salvador gives you (pretty cool :))
    Muffet (cool)
    Frostbite spider (TERRIFYING)

  6. Why is that fucking so hard to make spiders NOT BEING EVIL?! I want to see spiders as NICE GUYS, but no you want make others consider them as “scary horror monsters who serve for evil deeds”!
    Huge spiders helping Potter and Weasley to solve a Slytherin Successor secret? No, let’s make them Tom’s minions for Deadly Hollows!
    Spiders are usually nice guys in mythology? Never heard.
    Most of people are ok with spiders? Let’s benefit arachnophobes.

    Really – make spiders being NICE GUYS. Not evil. Begging as a spider lover. I don’t say spiders cannot be still in horrors and as evil, but I would prefer more stories of them as nice guys.
    So No.7 is the best. Not evil and not related to horrors.
    And I would add Pokemon spiders. Basic evolutions are overhelmengly cute.
    And I don’t count hybrids. I count full spiders only

  7. Saying this now you better have the brood mother on this list from ARK

    (Edit: oh come on you didn’t even have it on the honorable mentions

  8. Top 10 video game spiders:

    Every other spider: We’re gonna scare you outta your wits so much that you’ll burn the disc once you even see me.
    Muffet: Oh hi~ I’m gonna make you our next pie~

  9. If I saw a giant horde of spiders coming towards me I would say come here little puppies and would love them and keep them!


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