Toss Up / Ball on Time Out / Nintendo Game and Watch.


Toss Up / Ball playing on Time Out / Nintendo Game And Watch retro handheld games toy. Retro Gaming.

This is not a review, walkthrough, playthrough, or demonstration of my playing ability.
It’s simply a quick demonstration of the game so that anyone not familiar with these old games can see what it looks like.
It’s also here so that I can embed it, along with most of the games in my collection, on my website (see link above).

Any opinions or comments I make regarding these games should largely be taken with a pinch of salt.
They are usually based on my first impressions after a very brief play.


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6 thoughts on “Toss Up / Ball on Time Out / Nintendo Game and Watch.”

  1. Really didn't think you were going to catch those 2 together at 2:17 🙂 See, not everything is played badly 🙂

  2. In Poland, around 1985-86, there was a gradual inflow of hand-held games of that general type. In particular, games of this specific design (it's only now that I come to learn these are by Nintendo :)) were imported from… the USSR, where they were branded "Elektronika" (a very popular label given there to a variety of products). I used to own one where the theme was catching eggs into a basket in a hen-house. There were 4 perches, and hence 4 control buttons.

  3. damn dude.. You got videos on everything almost. I used to have a game and watch, but trying to figure which one I had. Maybe the "Fire" one? Nice vid!


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