Variable Geo Custom/ヴァリアブル・ジオ・カスタム 1CC Jun

Since there is no clean footage of this game on youtube without glitches I figured I would upload some. It’s on very easy mainly because at higher difficulties the Ai just button read (and even on very easy it will)
Also could only play through with Jun as for some odd reason her stage crashes the game. The copy I have is pretty buggy as you can tell and is missing sound files. Finding a copy is impossible though and the game isn’t worth the effort. A lot of things are just reused assets from earlier games (including CG scenes which you won’t see here for obvious reasons), you have specials but god knows how you perform them. A controller set-up is supported but I literally can’t get any pad to work (which is why I played this on a keyboard)
No intro either as that’s broken in my copy.

Main reason I don’t try to play legit is movement and jumping is awful, there is almost no combos, and jumping forward and back is binded to the R and Y keys which makes it impossible to play coherently for me. If you want to play this game just play V.G battle of the cannabalistic goddesses on a PC98 or Advanced Variable Geo 2 on PS1. Hell maybe even MAX since it’s actually fun as well.

I heard there is a hidden character but I don’t know if I’ll get around to showing her.


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  1. If there was a new game of this crazy shit,I would imagine the music similar to Sonic Advance or Marvel vs Capcom 2. That would be cool.


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