McGuire, Jamie – Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2)

Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2)

Jamie McGuire

5 stars

McGuire, J. - WD

The second book in the Beautiful series was AMAZING! Loved it beyond anything else.. Wanna know why? Because IT WAS FROM TRAVIS’S POV!!!!!!! Yes, here you get to relive the story of how Abby and Travis met, how they became friends and fell in love with each other from Travis’s perspective.

I have to say, I don’t think I’ve had a bad experience with books where the guy retells the story and this was no exception. I love to read a book from the guy’s POV because, yeah, as a girl I find it pretty easy to relate to the girl of the story.. But how hard must it be to recreate a man’s mind? Describe how they think and how they feel so perfectly? I don’t think it’s an easy task, but Jamie did it. I think I liked Walking Disaster even more than I did Beautiful Disaster… Travis is complicated but not complicated at all at the same time. Yeah, he’s a mess. But I love him! He knew, from the very first time he put his eyes on Abby, that she was a girl worth fighting for, worth everything. So he did everything he could to be the one for her. But trying to make it so.. he messed up! I was sooooo sad when I read this part of the story from his POV. I cried when he had to let her go. It broke my heart as it did him.

He’s a beautiful character. His intentions are pure and honest.

I loved, loved, loved this book. It’s definitely one of my favorites!!!!!

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