we recommend: Megan Squires, Love Like Crazy


This week we want to recommend one of the sweetest stories we’ve read. This is an unbelievably beautiful story, filled with so much love, and trust, and giddiness, you’ll just fall in love with it from page one. Love Like Crazy is the kind of story that will remind you that yes, bad things happen to good people, but that theres always something or someone that will brighten things up, that there’s also goodness out there. We highly recommend this amazing story. It will make you smile, and swoon, and fall madly in love with the story and the characters, specially Lincoln.

Author: Megan Squires
Name of book: Love Like Crazy


All things that can be considered—and oftentimes are—just a bit crazy.

With an alcoholic father and an absentee mother, seventeen-year old Eppie Aberdeen has learned firsthand that life’s circumstances aren’t always sunshine and roses.

So Eppie doesn’t expect the fairytale, because reality certainly isn’t one. She’s not waiting on the handsome prince with his white horse to come to her rescue. But even though she’s not waiting on it, that doesn’t stop nineteen-year-old Lincoln Ross from driving straight into her heart with his teal and white campervan and his too tall stature and perpetually goofy grin.

It’s difficult to believe in a happily ever after when a happy now is quite hard to find. But Lincoln gives Eppie hope that despite the odds, a true and unconditional love might actually be out there. A revised fairytale. A new kind of love story.

But then again, that might just be plain crazy.


About Megan:


I’m a writer. I’m a photographer. I love to photograph about what I write and write about what I photograph.

I’m fueled by Diet Coke and an overactive imagination.

I can’t do without the S.F. Giants, my mini iPad with the kindle app, and a daily dose of snuggles with my hundred pound Golden Retriever.

And I love LOVE.

Like seriously adore those butterflies you get when you think about that first kiss or when you held hands with someone you’d been crushing on for years. Even if it was cringeworthy and terrible, there’s just nothing quite like connecting with another human being on that nervous, hesitant level. Relationships are complex and wonderful and scary, and I get a rush each time I have a chance to write about them and all of their layers.

I get to document life with my keyboard and my camera, and I’m blessed beyond belief that I can do both for a living.

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