Where To Sell Your Board Games – The Board Gamer's Guide To Collecting

Great, you’ve priced your games and now you’re trying to figure out where and how to sell them. This video is for you. We’ll cover where to sell, the pros and cons of each, the benefits of selling to a gamer vs a store and more!

This video is the first in a series of videos called “The Board Gamer’s Guide to Collecting” and it’s meant to be a source of ways to build your collection affordably, how to sell or trade the games you aren’t playing, how to manage the balance between work and return, how to save more money while continuing to grow your collection year over year. Board games get better each year, but they don’t get cheaper….you have to start somewhere.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:45 – The Benefits of Selling Directly to Another Gamer
0:04:02 – The Benefits of Selling to a Store
0:05:42 – BoardGameGeek
0:07:02 – Local Groups (Facebook, Reddit, Meetups, etc)
0:09:00 – Ebay
0:10:33 – Craiglist & Amazon (just mentioning)
0:11:15 – Your Local Game Store
0:13:25 – BoardGameCo and Noble Knight Games
0:14:50 – Conventions and Board Game Flea Markets
0:15:47 – Selling Kickstarters (or any high value games)

Helpful Links:
BoardGameGeek –
Ebay –
BoardGameExchange (FB Group) –
BoardGameCo –
Noble Knight Games –

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22 thoughts on “Where To Sell Your Board Games – The Board Gamer's Guide To Collecting”

  1. I have a bunch of kickstarter games that are not great; ie for whatever reason the game isn't my type or the box is too big (heh 1st world problems!) etc. They were quite expensive though, I'd like to get as much as possible for them, what do you recommend? Auctioning maybe starting at 50% (and lowering that if there are no bids?) I often go "all in" so they're full of all the goodies.

  2. I saw your boardgameco sell pretty high for KS bundles. I would sell prenimum not less. I don't know your general policy on ks bundles with exclusives, etc.

  3. This is very helpful. PLEASE make this into a real series. It's unique and no other channel really focuses on this aspect. Also, would be nice when to $1 and pm when to not.

  4. I’ve gotten a quote from you and noble knight before and your was wayyy better! Their quote was laughable, I ended up deciding to trade with you instead though!

  5. Ebay auction listings have an option to set an invisible minimal price. If auction does not meet the minimum, it is not sold.

    Also… shame that BGexchange is Facebook. I don’t wanna touch FB with 10 foot pole…

  6. Great video – I really appreciate the info and candor. But, I gotta be honest… 6 ad breaks in a 20 minute video is a rough pill to swallow for those of us that listen while working or doing other tasks. Makes me sincerely consider skipping future videos – I get one, but 5 or 6 feels a little heavy handed.

  7. I have a morbid one for ya. Let's say a family member showed up at your store with 800+ games in a U-Haul truck from their deceased board gamer relative. What advice would you give to that not yet deceased relative to ease that transition?

  8. Looking for the best way to sell my Descent 2nd Edition lot for average money. Looking at prices on Boardgameco I can get about $300 for everything. Multi-box shipping is gonna be expensive though.

  9. You are absolutely right on Half Price Books. I have a theory that the first time you sell to them, they will give you something decent. But it's horrible from then on. And yes…you'll feel like you've invested time and accept it and be angry.

  10. I used to work in the auto industry, so I'm SO familiar with people wanting to sell at market value. "I'm trading in my car. It's worth this in the market, I want that value." And it's like, mate. Come on. Your tires are bald, your brakes are shot, there's 3 new models since you got your car, plus the fact that we have to make a profit. Like, no.

  11. Alex, thank you so much for the video. Very informative and helpful. I sent a list of board games to boardgame co and I'll check out board game exchange for the kickstarter stuff! I'm also having great luck with all the warhammer models on Ebay. Good stuff!

  12. Personally I sell on Kijiji (Canadian Craiglist) within my city, but mostly I would trade and sell at big math trades 4 times a year in pre-corona. Big box Kickstarters are hard to trade because they are high value items so I mostly have to sell them on trade day. I shoot to get my money back not above, I don't care about holding on to a game to get it for more. I've built up a 'customer' base this past year, mostly newcomers who missed the original campaign. For retail bought games I am much more picky to begin with since there is no FOMO and I can research it extensively. Therefor I do not sell/trade too many of my retail purchases.

    I sold Skulk Hollow as well, pretty but way too light for us.

  13. Great video! I really like your honesty and how you recommend the competition in some situations. If I’d lived in the US I’d probably be a customer.

  14. Hey! First off, I really like your model of posting videos like this to promote your site while at the same time being informative to the consumer. It's a great idea for exposure and to garner trust (worked on me!).

    Speaking of the video's topic, I'm from Canada, can I sell my games to boardgamesco?

  15. I use facebook board game groups to sell my games. Never had an issue selling a game yet. Some of the old classics simply dont sell which is fine.

    Never tried to sell to you. Paying for shipping might suck. Im looking into selling my new copy of Rising Sun. $450cad is what i paid. I might sell for the same price or $500cad.
    Ive been prefering my plays of 4X games like scythe fenris & hyperspace. 4x for me i think over just combat games.

  16. Feedback. You're using the term "Value proposition" incorrectly in your videos. Perhaps you want a term like "held value", "value potential", or something. Perhaps this is something you might want to look into.


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