Williams, Nicole – Crush (Crash #3)

Crush (Crash #3)

Nicole Williams

4 stars

What did I think? Well, I loved Jude & Lucy’s relationship from the very start, I mean, what’s not to love? From Crash, to Clash, to Crush, it’s been one hell of an emotional roller coaster, but loved every single page. Williams, N. - Crush

I was so sad that this would be the end of this amazing story, but I also was very excited to see how their relationship would turn out. Of course, I had my guesses on what could happen in this book and, as expected, I was right. But still, although I figured somethings even with only the summary, there were somethings that got me a little by surprise, but just a little.

The first half of the book was ok, although they were always thinking and talking about the same goddamn thing, and I was kind of over it. By the time I got to the other half of the book, when things started to get a little more complicated, that was when everything got more interesting.

In the summary of the book it says that in this one Jude’s the one with the trust issues, but I didn’t think of it as trust issues, though, because at the end of the day, Jude has been this super protective guy when it comes to Lucy, so showing it on this book wasn’t that much different from the other books. You wanna talk about trust issues? Well, go back and read Clash.

But whatever 🙂 I loved these books so much, I loved how Jude & Lucy fell for each other on Crash. I loved how Jude would always find Lucy anywhere she was and how you could see how deeply in love he was with her on Clash. And I loved the way they would always be the same two kids who fell in love with each other that last year of high school, no matter what, on Crush. So ‘hell yes’, as they would say, I loved these books so much.

Perfect ending.

4 stars

JUCY JUCY JUCY! I just love Jude and Lucy. I cheered them on since day one 🙂 I’m happy they got their happily ever after, even though I kinda missed the constant drama I came to love in the first book. I can’t lie, I’m curious about Anton. I wanna know more! I’m totally gonna miss JUCY but all in all this was a great ending to their story.

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