Worst Spiders In Games, Ranked By An Arachnophobe – Commenter Edition

Arachnophobic Ellen’s got her courage back for a second spooky experiment: Being exposed to even more of the worst video game spiders, this time featuring YOUR suggestions! Luke powers up the Fear-O-Meter again to find out which ones will make her “NOPE” hardest.

Watch our previous experiment:

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35 thoughts on “Worst Spiders In Games, Ranked By An Arachnophobe – Commenter Edition”

  1. If they do this again this year, I hope the Spider Queen from Okami makes the list- I also hope that they can surprise her with an actual kitten to snuggle with afterwards, she totally deserves it <3

  2. No hunt showdown spider? I really believe thats one of the worst spiders in videogames ever im not an arachnophobe and it still scared the fuck outta me

  3. "Spiders don't jump in real life"?
    Tell that to the little ones I regularly have to catch and take out. They have a leg-span of about a centimetre and jump about ten centimetres. A bit tricky to catch, but not that bad given the plastic container I use is so much bigger than them. Hello from Australia!

  4. I was expecting the spiders from the dragon age games to be on this list, oh well, if Luke decides to torture Ellen with a third video it might be included.

  5. what about Queen Araneae from Diablo 3? that thing is a massive spider that summons more spiders throughout the fight.


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